how to get rid of flies

Thoroughly clean the kitchen.

Wash dishes directly after use.Remove all sources of food and prevent access to the food that should be left out. The flies arrive in the kitchen, if there is a source of food.
Put away or cover carefully cakes, cookies, cut fruit, any food is no longer used immediately.

  • Remove crumbs and leftovers both in the bin is in the garbage disposal in the sink after eating.
  • Teach children to wash their hands and clean the kitchen after use of the kitchen for food preparation. All of your hard work may be useless if no one person participates in the maintenance of the kitchen clean.

Keep garbage cans covered.

how to get rid of flies

All scrap must be kept covered when they are in the kitchen. This is a main attraction for flies and can lead to the emergence of worms if the flies have access to it.

Keep covered or remove the pet food (dog / cat) that is not consumed.

how to get rid of flies

The pet food will attract the flies wherever it is left out. If not covered, even the dry food may attract flies. Keep pet food dishes washed and cleaned, food particles are enough to keep the flies active.

  • Reward your dog or cat if he eats flies. Pets can be a useful source of pest control if they are encouraged to do so!

Keep all receptacles enclosed.

how to get rid of flies

This encompasses the diaper receptacle or pail. Anything with stinky deny in it is a siren call to soars. fasten the lid and if it’s stinky enough for you to stink it, dispose of the rubbish out-of-doors directly.

  • Hold your receptacles and disposal pails fresh with regular cleansing and disinfecting.

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